When your soul is aching, you need to breathe.

One moment you feel invigorated, healthy and pliable, but suddenly, seam by seam you fall apart. The ground under your feet begins violently shaking  and your pain intensifies, both physically and mentally. 

Sweetness, it's time to...

Breathe in, then breathe out knowing that everything can and will change before your eyes. The incessant thoughts clouding your beautiful mind with worry and doubt will soon fade away into nothingness. The weight bearing down on your shoulders leaving you feeling small and useless isn't real. It's simply your mind playing tricks on you again my friend. Don't be so hard on yourself for letting it take over. No one, not even you, could have prepared you for a face to face battle with your own fragility.

Seriously, in a month from now you'll have the pleasure of laughing at your present troubles, mocking their insignificance. There's no point in bowing down to the drama, it's not worthy of your energy. Beyond that, your soul cannot withstand another bashing. It's already engaged in healing old bruises and deep rooted wounds. Just let it do its job.

More importantly, you ought to cater to your soul with kindness by recognizing, and subsequently accepting that change is the only thing guaranteed in life. Despite your longing, sometimes no matter how much elbow grease you apply, you can't scrub all the grit away. Sometimes it's scattered too far or it's just way too messy. At times like these, you need to walk away, float on. It's not running away, it's moving forward, taking a leap and altering the direction of your life. Trust me, moving forward is gutsy, so never underestimate your strengths and capabilities. 

Don't give in, nor fall victim to the voices of others, as there will always be naysayers no matter the path you take. Soon enough the immense sadness that has been attacking you from all angles will subside.  Pain like every emotion, sensation and process in life is ephemeral. I promise you once you've climbed these mental mountains that are scaring the fucking shit out of you right now, a cornucopia of unimaginable ease awaits. 

I believe in you. Believe in yourself.


Who the hell are you?

I disappeared, stopped writing. Ultimately, I neglected Tink Simplicity and the online world. It felt nice, really, really nice. I guess I kind of went off the rails for while, and that felt good too. But, I've come back to Tink Simplicity because I'm no longer the same person I used to be. Dare I say, I'm much better. To follow is a subtle backlog doused in honesty. Also, I'm going to write some pretty epic shit on here so if your into authenticity, and consequently feeling a tad happier about yourself, I suggest you stick around. 

My efforts have been futile, tainted by my desire for a larger truth, I've been afflicted by my lust to correlate my words with my innate workings. Just like a precious caterpillar outgrows the security of its cocoon, I'm now ready for expansive growth. It’s unavoidable, inescapable. I desire complex growth. Growth that transcends all superficiality, tedium and faux pleasantries. I want to cut myself open baring my soul in its raw and gritty goodness. 

By nature, I'm an inordinately complicated human. My complexities embedded deep are extensive and plentiful. I have been subduing them throughout the years in which I've dedicated myself to this blog, and to a journey that wasn't entirely my own. Amongst these pages and the multitude of posts I've written, I got lost. 

My stark contradictions intricately woven in and amongst my flesh and bones were buried under thick skin, as if not in existence. In hindsight, I’d assume, whether naively or not, that at some point subduing became necessary for me to keep my sanity in tack. Personally, blogging has been a thorough, experienced based education in which I've learnt more about myself than I could have ever possibly imagined. 

Contrary to popular assumption, life isn't always as easy for me (or anybody for that matter) as I would like it to be. It's not a deal breaker, it's a reality I've grown accustomed to. A manageable reality with highs and lows. It is life. In order to understand myself, I've applied myself more diligently than most thought necessary. I've worked bloody hard throughout my life education. Consequently, I've secured top grades.

However, it would be a fallacy to proclaim a position of authority, superiority or to tell you that I have all the answers. I'm the first to admit  that I'm weakly disciplined, and yes I falter. Frequently, I set an example of a truly miserable character punitive to her own story. I'm also pretty fond of throwing myself pity parties from time to time. Fortunately though, I see little joy in possessing a pessimistic attitude. In fact, I consider myself pretty damn lucky. The bravery endowed on me as a child of a strong willed mother has gifted me with the capacity to stubbornly fight my demons. To wake up almost everyday with an optimistic will to enter life's seemingly relentless battlefield ensures contentment, and most days a beautiful tale manifests. Most days life throws peculiarities, quirks and possibilities my way. Saturated in potential, I relish in my foreseeable dreams. 

I've adopted positivism as my weapon of choice, yet it's writing that helps me dance my wary way out of oppression. That's how I attack life, ferociously gentle, gently ferocious. This is me being as brave as the caterpillar unfolding her wings for the first time as a butterfly. Transformation begins the moment you learn how to fly. And so I'll keep flapping my wings. 


Hormone hugging paleo hot chocolate..

Home... That's what this drink is to me. Even when I'm sipping it on route to work (at 6am in the morning mind you), as opposed to in my favourite mug, it still centres and grounds me as if I were at home rugged up in a baggy sweater and uggs. 

I make a big ole' mug full of my hormone hugging hot chocolate everyday, and now I don't know how or why I ever got by without it. It's cacao, gelatin (I use Great Lakes because it's grass fed, ethical and sustainable), maca, coconut oil and coconut mylk, and it's satiating, grounding and damn tasty! 

However, the best part is the healing properties it boasts such as hormone balancing, providing you with abundant energy, boosting magnesium levels, cell repairing, gut healing and warming you from the inside out, providing total spirit nourishment. 

It may take a little longer to prepare than your average cup of coffee or tea, but, isn't that the whole point, pouring more of ourselves, more love into our food?



1 tbs cacao powder 
1 tbs coconut oil
1/2 tbs maca
1/2tbs Gelatin 
1 tbs hot water
1 cup coconut milk (I use either homemade or Pure Hravest Coco Quench) + a little extra for Gelatin mixture


In mug combine cacao, maca and coconut oil with hot water, mix enough to form a paste. In seperate cup stir Gelatin and roughly 1-2tbs of cold coconut milk until combined. Warm coconut milk in pan over medium heat. Once warm, whisk in Gelatin mixture until dissolve, then stir cacao paste with warm milk until thoroughly combined. Sip slowly and allow this cup of goodness to work through you.  

Craft your dreamxxx


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